Preparing things to move!

So, The time has come to really start finishing your preparations for moving into Edge Hill. I am fully aware many people have already been doing this for months, but now that your A-Levels have been passed, this is the last big push into Edge Hill University.
As a Helping hand, I’ve compiled a list of one or two things you may need, if you haven’t got them already.


Obviously, your course will sit there and tell you exactly what books they’d like you to get to read for your course, and trust me, get them. They will really come in handy.
If you can’t get them, don’t worry. We have a library that you can borrow them from.,
But not just that! Bring books with you just to relax with. You will come to a point where you will want to just shut your brain off. Don’t. Just get another book, Fiction, Non-Fiction, fantasy, sci-fi etc and read it. I myself bring quite a few with me so I have something to do.
I thoroughly recommend Terry Pratchett, and in particular, Small Gods.

2 -Your Kitchen Needs

This one will not fuss you much if your in one of the halls where your food is provided via your uni card at the restaurants, but for those that are not so ‘lucky’, you’ll want to bring kitchen equipment. Pots, pans, knives, forks, Spoons are a start. Do not forget Chopping boards, colanders, baking tins. Trust me, when I got to the university, I suddenly realized I was really short on this stuff. So I had to go out and buy ALL OF IT. Just be wary of what your space will be like in the halls.

3 – Gizmos 

No, not the adorable Mugwai. (If you don’t know what that is… Look it up)
Laptops will really come in handy, if you have one, for taking notes. Other entertainment like music players of all kinds, and (shudder) Kindles. Do not also forget to bring gaming stations if you are a gamer. There will be space. I know I made space for it.  Just make sure you have insurance for them, which if you don’t, can easily and cheaply be bought from the university.

4 – Comfy Bedding stuff

Doesn’t matter where you are, your going to need this stuff. A big Duvet, pillows, blanket, towels for the bathroom, hand towels, wash bowl, soap, shampoo… Need I go on?

There are other little things you can get, like waste paper bins etc, but if ever you struggle to bring any of these things up with you, do not lose heart! There is an Argos not that far from the Uni, as well as many other stores to shop in.

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Quote of the Day

“Life Prevails”

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