Going home for the summer

So now that I’ve finished my summer work, which was a great experience properly doing full time work (even if it was during hot days), as well as moved into my new room for the next year, I’m ready to go home for the summer. There’s a few visits to places other than home planned, but here I want to talk about the more serious aspects about making the most of my “home” time.

Me working at the 2014 graduations!
Me working at the 2014 graduations!

I’m going to continue learning a 2nd language. Bluntly, I have read stories of how a 2nd language isn’t always most sought after skill in the UK workplace if you already speak English, but I just want to expand my horizon in an exciting way, and I would feel more confident in myself if I learned another language. Also, there’s the whole learning to drive thing – I am starting to revise the theory here and there, so hopefully something will happen from there. I’m a little skeptical because of the stories I have heard of others taking three months to three years to get a driving licence, but at the end of the day I’m going to be positive and patient.

On the more serious (kind of) side, my dissertation is on my mind. Since I took a little break since my 2nd year finished, I totally forgot how great it is to do research. My record label is about to release a new album next month, so I’ll be sure to take some notes if something significant happens, as my dissertation is about cultural capital in record labels. I am also to prepare for my upcoming postgraduate study applications. I’m aware that there’s no guarantee that I’ll get accepted into anywhere, but that’s no reason why I shouldn’t try my best to apply. The requirement include 2 references (1 academic, and 1 professional in the education arena for me), a personal statement, and an interview – I already have an idea of who my references will be, but my focus is on getting the personal statement right well before applications open in November. Then I’ll worry about the interview.

I am going to find time to relax, and take a break from studies (and music making for that matter). But it’s good to know that the holidays won’t be boring and uneventful.

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