My Descent into Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady

This week has been really exciting because two new kittens arrived at my family home! This means that we now have five cats (we’re all a bit cat-mad) and we also have a dog.

(left to right) Jet, Marla, Button and Pepsi.
(left to right) Jet, Marla, Button and Pepsi.

We weren’t planning to get anymore cats, but when my friends cat had a kitten we decided to adopt one. A few weeks later a friend was moving into a new house and he spotted four feral kittens living in the garden. We contacted an organisation in Southport who catch feral cats and rehome them, and after meeting the kittens we decided that we’d love to adopt one of them as well.

Dexter (top) was handled a lot as a kitten, whereas Juno (bottom) wasn't used to humans.
Dexter (top) was handled a lot as a kitten, whereas Juno (bottom) wasn’t used to humans.

I’m really enjoying spending lots of time with the kittens and giving them loads of cuddles, it’s just a shame that they’ve come only a couple of months before I move into my new house in Liverpool. It’s going to be very strange living in a cat-free house! Like most rented accommodation my new house doesn’t allow pets, although I contacted the landlady and she agreed that I could get a hamster. Some landlords will allow pets on the condition that the tenant pays a deposit so that any damage is covered.

Adopting two kittens from two different litters has been a new experience for us. We’re used to giving a kitten time to warm to us, but also having to allow kittens time to feel comfortable with each other is challenging. At first they were very wary of each other, but today they wrestled for the first time, and even cleaned each other. The next hurdle will be introducing them to all are other animals!

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Whilst I am sad that I won’t get to see them very often I am excited about moving into my new house. I’ve been staying there some weekends and I love being in such close proximity to my friends and being able to socialise whenever I want. But until I move in properly I’m going to spend as much time as I can at home with these adorable kittens.

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