Bruised and Beaten – What fun!

Hello folks!

Results day is getting close, and soon you’ll be able to decide whether to attend Edge Hill or not. The moment will soon be coming and it will be in your possession.
I’m sure that when the time comes you’ll be able to make the choice that best suits you.

On other matters, I’ve been in Perth-Y-Pia in wales for over a week, having the living day lights beaten out of me.
To clarify on this matter, I have been taking part in a week long LARP (Live Action Role Play) event, as a Non Playable Character Monster.
I now have bruises snaking along my arms and legs, and my hips.
It is incredibly painful to say the least, but a lot of fun in the long run

It’s really tempting to run  a LARP society at Uni.

Until next time!

— Quote of the day —

“Welcome to eternity, now eat your just desserts”

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