Graduation, Results and Preparing for Next Year

Although I still have a year left of my degree, graduation has been on my mind a lot lately. This week is graduation week at Edge Hill, and it’s wonderful seeing all the pictures of the graduates in their gowns. I can’t believe that in a year’s time it will (hopefully!) be my turn! It will be so lovely to have my family on campus to celebrate, but for those who can’t make it, the ceremonies are available to watch online which I think is a really awesome idea.

The graduation gown for a Bachelor degree
The graduation gown for a Bachelor degree

But rewinding back to the present, a few weeks ago I got my results for second year, and I am so proud to say that overall I achieved a 2:1. If I can finish my degree with the same classification, I will be extremely pleased. Despite what a few people said to me before I started my degree, university isn’t a walk in the park and you do have to work hard if you want to succeed (thinking about it, the people who made these claims had probably never actually been to university themselves).

I have also finally made a start on my reading for next year (better late than never I say!) I’ve probably been procrastinating a bit too much, but in a few weeks I am going on holiday so I will hopefully get a chance to catch up on my reading whilst I relax in France. It’s a really good idea to at least make a start on your reading list during the summer because, especially for those of you studying English, there will be a mountain of books that you’ll need to get through during the year, often three or more a week.

And finally, I can’t believe it’s almost August already! At the end of next month I plan on going back to Ormskirk and moving in to my new house. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get there but I still have a few bits and pieces I need to buy before I’m ready to go.

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