Going home for summer

On Tuesday I’ll be going home for summer, so I thought I’d use this entry as a sort of reflection of the past year as well as an insight into what lies ahead. I have to say the 2nd year of my course has been far more challenging than the 1st. Assignments  have been longer (two of my essays in first year were only 1500 or so word long) and required more to be completed to a good enough standard. Remarkably I have succeeded in all of them, getting quite a few 2:1s (between 60 and 70%) and even some 1st’s. I have also throughly enjoyed being a student blogger, and can’t wait to continue blogging on a weekly basis over summer and next year.

Talking of which, next year will soon be upon me. Yes the third and final year of my degree will be harder still, but I’m determined to maintain my good grades and even improve on them, so that I can graduate Edge Hill University. with a psychology degree I’m proud of. Whilst I’m home for summer I’m going to continue the reading part of my dissertation, so that when I am back at uni full-time in October I can crack on with the ethics and data collection part of it. I shall of course keep you up to date with how my dissertation is going and how I get on with third year.

So until my next entry, I hope you are all having a good summer and are looking forward to starting university. If anyone needs to ask me anything, then just leave a comment on any of my entires 🙂

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