“What even is an ‘Ormskirk’ anyway?”

If you’ve chosen to attend Edge Hill University you’ll be studying in a small town called Ormskirk. I feel the need to make this clear for numerous reasons. Firstly, whilst intending to attend an open day here, a friend of mine made his way up here on the train and took himself to Edge Hill station. Unfortunately for him, Edge Hill University isn’t situated in Edge Hill (although I’m told it once was, hence the name). We’re in Ormskirk, and Ormskirk is not Liverpool; it’s in a different county altogether. I’m saying this because I’ve heard of quite a few people who come to Edge Hill expecting to be in Liverpool. We’re very close to Liverpool (half an hour away on the train) but we’re actually in Lancashire. And finally, when I’m at home I rarely meet anyone who actually knows where or what Ormskirk is. It probably just sounds like a funny¬† word to them, and I usually just end their confusion by explaining “It’s near Liverpool” (which is probably perpetuating the ‘Ormskirk is in Liverpool’ myth…).


I love Ormskirk very much. It’s pretty small, but it’s got everything I need and I think it’s cute. If you’re after more of a city lifestyle, you might perhaps be better off in Liverpool, although, as I said, it’s really close by. In terms of clothes shopping, we have a few shops like New Look and Dorothy Perkins, but there aren’t many other big name high street retailers. There are a load of charity shops here though, so if you’re after a bargain you’ll be sure to find one.

In terms of food shopping, Ormskirk has a really big Morrisons which is where I prefer to go. There’s also an Iceland, Marks and Spencer, Tesco Metro, B & M and Home Bargains.¬† Ormskirk also has quite a few restaurants. They’re mostly independent places, and all the ones I’ve been to are absolutely lovely, but if you’re after the big names you’ll find them in Liverpool. Ormskirk is also home to a ton of pubs; we’re really spoilt for choice. Or, if you prefer, there’s also a few clubs too.

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