Travelling can be really tiring, especially by train. Whether it’s the half hour trip from Ormskirk to Liverpool or a five hour trip across the country it’s amazing just how tiring sitting still with not much to do can be. I always try and bring music to listen to and a book to read. After a certain amount of travelling, however, I often find myself struggling to keep my eyes open. This isn’t ideal when alone on a train, especially when you have to change to a different train at some point.

When I lived in Wales I used to always dread the five hour train journey back to Southport and even when I brought stuff with me to stay busy I’d often find myself not doing it. This was especially true when it came to doing university work and writing essays. Sometimes when I’m stressed that I don’t have very long to do an essay I remember all those hours that I wasted sitting on a train, staring into space, when I should have been working!

Now that I’m attending university for the second time I definitely find myself wasting less time than I did the first time. I don’t spend as much time travelling, but when I do I always try to be productive. Most of the travelling that I do now is to visit friends; they all go to different universities, so one day I’ll be on my way to Leicester, then next I’ll be headed down to London. I know that people come from all over the country to go to Edge Hill, and just thinking about the amount of hours that must be spent on the train all together makes me feel tired!

I’d recommend that anybody not used to long train journeys who is about to start doing them regularly should see them as time that can be spent usefully; otherwise, the boredom and monotony can become pretty unbearable!

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