Is Second Year Here Yet?

This week must be one of my most boring weeks as I have absolutely nothing to do! Sorry to disappoint 😛

Instead of trying to fill it with pointless things to pass time, I’ve decided to read the module descriptions and try to get prepared for my second year at EHU. I’d suggest that you guys do this too, as it’s not going to put you at a disadvantage if you know a bit more than some of the others in your classes!

For first year computing, I’d suggest you read up about Java for programming – we used a software called ‘Alice’ to begin with and then used Java in a software called ‘Eclipse’ to produce small applications and games on the computers before programming the robots.

For web design and development, I’d recommend learning some HTML and CSS skills – practice them in Notepad on your computer! It’s all going to pay off in the long run 🙂

In digital world, you will cover a wide range of topics but begin with social networking and databases as they were covered first. Your tutors will tell you what will be coming over the course of the year.

Finally for multimedia, practice shooting videos and cutting/editing them if you can! Even if it’s just in Windows Movie Maker, as that’s good enough to practice on.

If you have been given any information about the course then maybe look into reading any recommended textbooks or websites. This will help you when it comes to first year, even though the tutors start from a very basic level and teach from there to the advanced stuff – they are very good at explaining and if you’re stuck, you need to ask as they are there to help!

Hope exams are still going well for those who have them left, and enjoy the summer sun while it lasts!

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