Third year is on the horizon…

Well the third year is beginning to get a bit more real. That’s because I’m proud to say I’ve passed all of my assignments and exams for the second year. I won’t know for another few weeks what percentage I’ve finished the year with overall, but it’s safe to assume I’ve won’t have to resubmit or re-sit anything. Not only that but I’ve found out my dissertation project.

For my dissertation project I had to submit 4 choices of project and their subsequent supervisor(s). I had really hoped to get my first choice which was about the calories in food and whether obese/overweight individuals underestimate the calories in an item of food. I didn’t unfortunately get assigned this one, I have instead been assigned a project all about mental toughness in athletes/sports persons. Whilst this was my fourth choice I can relate to mental toughness, as I myself am both highly determined and motivated. I also like the member of staff supervising so all being well, I may do really well with this 🙂

I am going to do the first stage of my dissertation over the remainder of the summer holiday’s, which is reading literature behind mental toughness and understanding it well enough to carry out the actual research part when I’m a third year. I shall of course in future entries, let you all know how my dissertation is going.


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