As all lessons and uni has finished for summer, most students will be looking for jobs to earn some money to live on next year – this is a good idea, especially for how tight things can get at certain points in the year! If you can, try and save as much as money for important things – of course you can go out and drink, but don’t blow all of your finance in one night out in Liverpool! Trust me it’s been done!

If you can’t find work however, there’s other things you can be doing while you’re waiting around as summer can be quite long! A good example is getting experience by volunteering – charity shops or other workplaces will usually welcome volunteers and it always looks good on a CV when you do apply for a job in the future!

Before my summer job begins (which I have got because I worked there before – so try old workplaces if no luck!) I am going back to my old high school to help with some year eleven coursework in ICT lessons. This will be incredibly useful to me, as I hope to later enrol onto a PGCE course. This experience is valuable, as is any experience in a school. This will hopefully help me to stand out when being interviewed for a place, as the more experience you have, the better!

For those who are applying to do teaching courses, I would suggest you try and get some experience, whether it is primary or secondary school. Ideally go to the age and subject area that you want to do, but if not, anything is better than a blank CV and no experience!

Also, some of my friends are volunteering with schemes that are running at the university campus over summer. This includes open days and activity days where students can come in for taster sessions and get a ‘feel’ for the university before starting in September. If you can, try and help on open days or applicant days in your departments – not only will it make you more well-known amongst the staff, it will give you something to talk about in job interviews and on your CV!

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