The Careers Centre

One of the services available at Edge Hill that I’ve used a lot is the Careers Centre.  If you’re thinking of getting a job whilst you’re at university, over the holidays, or even after you graduate, the Careers Centre can be really useful. They advertise loads of vacancies for all kinds of jobs, all accessible by the online vacancy system which you can browse at your leisure. I’ve used this to find a few temporary jobs and have been so grateful just to have everything in one place. It’s really easy to use and gives you all the information that you need.

They don’t only advertise jobs, however. Their team of advisers are always available if you need to chat about anything, for example, if you wanted some advice about what kinds of careers your degree opens doors for, or what you can do to help you prepare to get your dream job.  They will also check over your CV or job application with you, to make sure you’re doing everything possible to sell yourself to employers.

In addition, Edge Hill holds careers fairs where loads of potential employers are invited on to campus. This is a great chance to learn about different careers and network, meaning you have contacts should you need them in the future.

Edge Hill also really encourages volunteering, whether it’s to give back to the community or to act as a route in to employment. There’s always volunteering vacancies being advertised on the online vacancy page, so if it’s something you’re interested in it will be really easy to find an opportunity.

Offering all of this is where I feel Edge Hill’s Careers Centre really goes above and beyond what is required and is just fantastic at supporting us students. The Careers Centre is a service I know that I’m very lucky to have access to and I plan to carry on making the most of it when I am looking for my first graduate job.

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