Southport Food and Drink Festival

I currently live in Southport and drive 30 minutes each day to get to Edge Hill. Southport is a seaside town and, as I’ve lived in Southport for so long I often just see it as home and forget that it’s actually also a popular destination for tourists and often hosts events to cater for this, like the Southport Flower Show (the largest independent flower show in the UK) and The British Musical Fireworks Championship.

On Saturday I attended The Southport Food and Drink festival. The festival was in Victoria Park which was a fifteen minute walk from where I parked. Fortunately, it was warm and sunny, so the walk was really pleasant. On the way we walked passed Pleasureland, Southport’s small amusement park.


The walk into the festival was lovely. We went just after midday so there were people leaving as well as arriving.


The park was really busy. There were stalls all around the edges selling food. There was also live music and people were all over the grass on picnic blankets. We walked around the park to see what was on offer before we decided what to get. There were so many different varieties of food, even a couple of stalls selling ‘unusual’ burgers.


My friend got a Kangaroo Burger and I found a stall selling Vegetarian Noodles for myself. We sat on the grass to eat and throughout the park there was a really relaxed atmosphere. After we’d finished our food we basked in the sun for a bit before walking around the stalls that were selling things that weren’t food. We found a stall that sold fancy, hand-baked dog treats and I bought a treat that looked like a cupcake for my dog, Pepsi. Overall it was a lovely day, made even better by the glorious weather. I’ll definitely be attending again next year.


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