Reading Lists

Yesterday, as I was working out how much money I would have to spend next year, I remembered last minute to factor in money for books. Majority of universities send students reading lists in advance and it is the students responsibility to purchase the books. Edge Hill also has quite a big library so most of the books can be borrowed from there.

Whilst the Film Studies side of my course requires me to buy all non-fiction books the Creative Writing reading lists include non-fiction and fiction. I really like having a list of fiction to buy because it encourages me to read (and often enjoy!) books that I’d never usually notice. I’ve already received the list of plays that I need to buy for my Scriptwriting module next year and I’m excited to read them.

The list includes:

Jez Butterworth – Jerusalem (2012)

 Jim Cartwright – Road (1990)

 Shelagh Delaney – A Taste of Honey (1959)

 Brian Friel – Translations (1980)

Sarah Kane – Blasted (1996)

 David Mamet – Oleanna (1993)

 Laura Wade – Posh (2010)

 Timberlake Wertenbaker – Our Country’s Good (1995)

I’ve never heard of any of those plays, but I know that even if I don’t enjoy reading them I can always learn by expanding my horizons.

In my last Fiction seminar the lecturer had us all name a book that we thought that everyone else should read and then he compiled a list and sent it to all of us. I chose Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. Palahniuk is my favourite writer and I’d recommend his books to everyone. He also wrote the book that became my favourite film, Fight Club.

I’d advise anyone starting university to get their books as early as possible so as to have time to familiarise themselves with them. Some books can be quite expensive but can also be found second hand on Amazon and eBay.

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