Time Flies

I can’t believe that my first year is over. It seems like only a few weeks ago that I was making my way to Edge Hill on my first day, worrying that I might not find a parking space and that I might feel out of my depth. Fortunately, I was made to feel at home from my first day and have never once struggled to find a parking space (the parking attendants are heroes), and from that point onwards the year began to fly by.

All ready for my first day at Edge Hill
All ready for my first day at Edge Hill

Not only have I enjoyed the year as a whole, I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my writing and also feel confident that I’ll attain a good mark next year. I know that this year has gone so fast because I’ve been studying something that really interests me; in contrast, the time before Edge Hill when I was working full time seemed to drag, and drag, and drag…

Before I started Edge Hill these shelves were empty...
Before I started Edge Hill these shelves were empty…

Now that the year is over I can focus on enjoying summer. I’ll be attending Glastonbury Festival and Leeds Festival, I have tickets to several club nights, I have plenty of catching up to do with friends, and I might take a trip to London. I’ll also be moving to my new house in Liverpool at some point. I’m excited and nervous, and I think that a trip to Ikea is definitely in order! I also need to start getting ready for next year, but I’m sure that I can take a little time off first!

I’m excited about going into my second year, so I can’t imagine how all the people who are about to become first years at Edge Hill must feel! If I had to give advice to somebody who was starting I’d say¬† go with an open mind, be ready to work hard, and remember that everyone else is in the same situation as you. I’m starting to get a little envious of the people starting; I’ve enjoyed my first year so much that I’d happily do it again!

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