A Hard Days Work

This year I’ve been very lucky in that I haven’t needed to work, but next year, as I will be living in Liverpool, I’ll need to get a job to support myself.

Getting a job is really difficult; there’s so many people looking and so few places hiring that the whole process can seem quite demoralising. When I dropped out of my first university it took me three months of handing out CVs and applying for jobs online before my persistence paid off, and there were quite a few times when I thought that I’d never get a job. In the end I received a phone call from a place that I’d handed my CV in to a month earlier, and after the interview that they offered me went really well they offered me full time work.

I soon found out that all my co-workers were mad.
I soon found out that all my co-workers were mad.

I think that one of the most important things to consider when applying for jobs is the strength of your CV. With so few jobs and so many applicants it’s key to ensure that if you’re CV is stacked with lots of others it stands out, and in a good way; it’s all too easy for a potential employer to start by discarding CVs with messy layouts and typos.

While I’m applying for jobs I’m being really careful to save money and have been finding ways to earn a little extra on the side. Today I helped out in my mum’s office. It was nice to be working and earning a little, but eight hours of typing up addresses and stuffing envelopes made me miss the stack of coursework that I have waiting at home.

My 'shiny clothes budget' is suffering the most. MUST. STAY. STRONG.
My ‘shiny clothes budget’ is suffering the most. MUST. STAY. STRONG.


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