Exam Time

The month of May will soon be upon us and that can only mean one thing…exam time! I have two exams coming up in may, a 2 hour cognitive psychology one and 1 1/2 hour social psychology exam. So I thought I’d provide you all with a few tips for a successful exam period 🙂

1. Revise

This may seem the most obvious one, and one you’ve heard a thousand times before, but as the american president Benjamin Franklin once said “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. It is no good going into an exam thinking you can blag it from what material you do actually remember (if any at all). Doing well on exam requires you to have fully revised all material for the exam you’re sitting.

2. Read the question carefully 

This is a trap I fell into in my AS level History exams, I did read the questions but ended up going off at a tangent and as such failed the exams (I had two, one on Henry VIII and another on Russia during the early-mid 20th century) because I talked about irrelvant information. So the moral of the story is take a couple of minutes at the beginning of the exam to read each question carefully and consider in detail what it’s asking you to discuss.

3. Check your answers at the end of the exam

This is another one you’ll have hear a million or so times, if you happen to finish an exam before it is due to end go back and check what you’ve written matches up with the question and if a it’s multiple choice question you’re happy with the one you’ve ticked/circled.

4. Forget about the exam afterwards

We’ve all been there (myself included), we’ve come out of an exam room and the post exam discussions begin where people ask each other what they put for a particular question which only ends up with some people mentally scolding themselves for not putting something similar. My advice: go home and forget about the exam (at least until the result is released).

With that said good luck with your a-level exams and remember exams aren’t the be all and end all of academia (they are important though) 🙂

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