Pointless degrees and a circle theory…

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Over the Easter holidays I have wondered about Education, and in particular Higher Education, now that for many final years their final ever undergraduate Semester is approaching. This post is about why degrees exist from my point of view, and debunks a few myths about degrees that are apparently thought to be cooked up quickly just to make extra money, without much consideration towards whether their is demand for graduates with those degrees in the first place.

As second year student, it has become apparent to me that in Academia there are of course two types of degree: Vocational and Non-Vocational. Naturally, the vocational degrees have obvious career paths, such as Education graduates becoming teachers, and Nursing students becoming Nurses etc., whilst non vocational degrees usually have uncertain career paths. I’m a cultural studies student, which may or may not lead to careers in Business, Media, and Education, but the paths are more like industries, hence the outlook is broad and foggy. It is non vocational degrees that gain suspicion for being “worthless”, perhaps because anything and everything can go into them – There’s no right or wrong in academia, only intelligent and not so intelligent…

Before Easter I did have doubts about certain degrees, as unfortunately the press have manipulated me into thinking certain degrees are “typical” for making graduates unemployed. But now my mind has changed because of what I have been told about life.

Imagine a circle, and imagine it is life. Then imagine that within that circle there are many parts within it that make up that circle, and when a part of it is missing then the circle is no longer whole. That’s how I now see Academia, as since the many fields of study make up that circle, all degrees exist for a reason as it fills in any holes to make life a whole. So the next time myself or maybe yourself sees a degree that fills you with doubts about if graduates with those degrees will ever find work, just remember that whatever field of study they are in makes up a part of the life circle – Henceforth whatever they are studying is NOT 100% pointless and definitely have a place in the world.

(I’m not saying there’s demand for every graduate and field of study by the way; I’m just saying perhaps judgemental attitude towards fields of study should be less aggressive 🙂 ).

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