Beating The Workload!

So even though we’re in the Easter holidays, it still means there’s plenty to do! I’m sure you all know that feeling anyway with exams for A-levels coming up soon, so now really is the time to knuckle down and get some hardcore work done.

Some of the courses during the first year don’t have exams, such as Computing, but instead it is 100% coursework. There is one half ‘exam’ for one module, but it is simply multiple choice questions on the computer during the last lesson. The other modules are pure coursework.

In each module, the coursework has been split up into sections that have been completed throughout the year – so you don’t have to worry and think that everything will be set and handed in at the same time for each module! For programming, the module was split into three sections – the first was an introduction to give the tutors an understanding of the level of knowledge across the class, before moving on to the next section in the first semester and during the christmas break. Finally, the last section was given to us at the end of February to be handed in before Easter.

In the other modules, like Web, there have been small tasks to complete throughout the whole year. Finally, we have to build a website for the Computing department as our final project which is worth 50%. In multimedia, we are creating a video that uses the techniques we learned during the year. Finally, Digital World uses a portfolio to submit work throughout the year in the different parts of the course.

So even though we have a ‘holiday’, we don’t really – keep working and it will all pay off in the end!

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