1 month left of 2nd year

At the time of writing this blog I now have just under a month left of my 2nd year of my degree! One of my housemates pointed this out to me and my friends on Facebook yesterday and I honestly can’t believe where the past 18 months or so have gone. Before starting my degree my dad once told me that it would fly by and how right he has been. Not only that but according to my personal tutor and my boyfriend (who is a third year) say that my third and final year of my degree will go even quicker!

The past few weeks at uni however, have been hard for me (I got ill and then I hit some problems with two of my assignments so I’ve been stressed to say the least) but I have gotten through it in one piece and I’m at home now for the Easter holidays. The only things I have left to do in my second year of my course are

  1. Write and submit a 2000 word lab report
  2. Sit 2x 2 hour exams in May (One for my cognitive psychology module and the other for my social psychology module)
  3. Wait to hear which dissertation project I have been accepted onto (We’re due to find this out after exams so we can do the necessary reading over summer)
  4. Wait to find out whether I’ve got a place on my optional modules for next year or not.

Anyway I thought I’d end this blog with the below video. It’s a song by one of my favourite singers and which is rather befitting for how fast my degree is going.

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