The Library Project (Favorite Spots on Campus Series)

I am taking part in a research project that helps the uni decide what to do should the current library be given a regeneration. This is also a chance to talk about one of my favorite spots on campus. Apparently the Edge Hill library building was meant to last for 40 or 50 years, but 20 years later there are talks of getting a new library – that’s when research into what a student (out of a few) go through when using the current library comes in handy.

Essentially, I had to detail what happened to me during a day and my feelings. I then took photos of the places within the library that have a lot of meaning to me. Whilst I can’t say what I wrote on the report, I can show you the photos!

The Group rooms are great for professional meetings. I use the Group Rooms like the one above for face to face meetings for my record label work.

I’m not complaining that the HUB is quite far from the library, but it is good that there’s a cafe downstairs to eat.

I have noticed a deceptively large amount of space around the library computers.

The music section of the library is full of fascinating academia.

This is where I go to do quick reading – the seats near reception are comfy with space around them so it’s convenient for speedy research.

So hopefully this has given everyone a break from my usual super text heavy posts. I’ll go back to my Employability themes stuff hopefully next week. The library used to be in the Main Building, then the now Student Support building… who knows what it will be next!

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