Meeting Prospective Students

On Saturday I assisted Billy, my scriptwriting lecturer, with an applicant visit day. He was running a taster session for people who have been accepted to study Creative Writing at Edge Hill University, and he wanted a current student of the course to speak to the applicants.

Initially I was nervous; the idea of a room full of people all staring at me wasn’t one that I was particularly comfortable with, but Billy assured me that the session would remain informal and that the group was relatively small.

I remember my Applicant Visit Day and how the taster session really heavily influenced my decision to accept my place at Edge Hill, so I knew that it was important to ensure that the applicants all got a good feel of what the course would be like and whether it was for them.

Once the session began I quickly realised that I’d been silly to feel nervous and I actually really enjoyed myself. Billy set writing exercises for the students that I remember doing in my early weeks at uni. I really loved how each individual person approached every exercise from a completely different perspective. I walked around the room checking on people to see how they were getting on and all the applicants were confident and spoke passionately about their writing.

The applicants were being shown around by two other Creative Writing Students, and at the end of the session they were given the chance to ask us questions regarding the course and the university experience. The topic that came up most was the experience of moving away from home- something that I haven’t done to attend Edge Hill, but have done in the past- and it reminded me how big a step all these people were about to take. Living at home I often forget that for majority of students university isn’t just about embarking on a new academic journey, it’s also about gaining independence and freedom.

Meeting students who may be starting at Edge Hill is September was great and I’ll look forward to seeing their familiar faces around campus. I can only hope that they enjoyed the taster session as much as I did!

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