Favourite Campus Spots

So for this week, I’ve decided to include a few pictures of my favourite places around the Edge Hill campus. I have gathered a few pictures just to show the places as well as describing them!

Firstly, Creative Edge is one of my favourite places on campus, mainly because I spend a lot of my time in there! The technology used in the building is good with great software on the lab computers for us to use at any time. There’s also the lecturers and tutors all situated in the building who are easy to go and have a chat with whenever you feel like it.

Next is the Hub. I find the building a great place to go and grab some food from the canteen, or to use the computers upstairs whenever I can’t focus in my room or the library. There’s also a shop which is open till 11pm, and often there are stalls during the day which sell all kinds of things (the best one is the cake stall!).

The Faculty of Education building by the pond at the back of campus is a great building which I hopefully will be visiting more often as I study for a PGCE later in my time at university!

Finally is Founders court, where I live. I have a lot of friends living in this area, and it’s a great place to meet people in the other buildings. The grass areas around the outside of campus would be perfect in summer for a nice relaxing sunbathe, and perfect for working outside and relaxing!

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