The 86th Annual Academy Awards

I’ve been an avid fan of The Academy Awards, or ‘Oscars’ for the past few years and have always enjoyed staying up to watch the red carpet footage and the ceremony. This year I had not seen many of the films that were nominated, but still made my predictions of who would take home an award.

oscars blog- statue

My biggest disappointment was that Gravity was nominated in so many categories. Gravity was an ‘okay’ film, but I definitely didn’t find it to be Oscar worthy and thought that it was no better than the films Sunshine or Moon, neither of which were recognised at award ceremonies. I can’t deny that it looked fantastic, however, and was well deserving of all of the technical awards it received.


My favourite film of all the nominees was Inside Llewyn Davis, which details the life of a struggling musician. The acting and soundtrack are amazing and I was disappointed that it was not recognised at award shows for either. The film was nominated in two of the technical categories, neither of which it won.

Oscars blog- Inside Llewyn Davis
Inside Llewyn Davis

One of the many appeals of The Oscars is the humour of the presenter. This year Ellen Degeneres presented and, despite not being particularly familiar with her prior to The Oscars I really enjoyed her sense of humour and thought that she did a great job. A highlight was when she took a picture of herself surrounded by celebrities to see if she could get the most ‘re-tweeted’ photo on Twitter ever (which she did).

Oscars blog- selfie
Ellen’s ‘Selfie’

As a film student I am surrounded by people to discuss films with who are as passionate as me. Whilst I love this fact, it made it difficult to go a day without having the results spoiled for me as I couldn’t watch the ceremony live this year. I constantly found myself covering my ears before lectures when I heard people discussing who had won.

While the Academy Awards are over now for another year it is always interesting to keep them in mind when watching new films. Maybe next year will be Leo’s year…

oscars blog- leo
Poor Leo…

 Find a list of the 2014 winners HERE.

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