Year Two: Modules & Pathways

As first year is drawing to a close, the time has come for us to begin choosing our pathways and modules for next year. First year has gone by so quickly, and it’s a bit crazy to think that I’m going to be a second year student in just a few weeks!

For my course as Computing, the university offers a wide range of pathways and module choices. All first year students will study the same modules before separating into their pathways. The pathways include:

  • BSc Computing –┬áthis course is for the general computing degree. It covers a wide area of topics including programming, web design and development, the digital world and multimedia. In second year, the choices are much broader as you are able to select specific modules in which you are interested specifically, rather than studying for a specific pathway with limited choices.
  • BSc Computing (Application Development), BSc Computing (Games Programming) – this is where the programme specifies in programming languages and coding.
  • BSc Computing (Information Systems), BSc Computing (Systems & Software), BSc Computing (Mobile & Embedded Systems) – this pathway specifies in system development and the software that is used throughout computer systems.
  • BSc Computing (Network, Security & Forensics) – this programme focuses on the security and issues surrounding this in every day life.
  • BSc IT Management for Business – this is where students can specialise in project management and methods that IT is used in industry.
  • BSc Web Systems Development – this pathway specialises in web development and the production of websites in industry.
  • MComp Computing – this is a masters degree which carries on from the BSc Computing course. It is a new pathway which has only recently become available, and is a great way of getting into a masters program whilst also studying for the Bachelor degree at the same time. This is also funded by student finance, as usually masters degrees are not funded by student finance.

The university website has got more information about these course pathways and modules if you would like to check it out. Hope all the university choices are going well!

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