Open Mic Night – An Event to enjoy!

On the ever recurring subject of what to do on an evening in edge hill, one of the many things I can recommend over and over again, and now even more so, an Open Mic Night.

If you just go as an audience member, you’ll be sure to be entertained by the finest talents of past and present Edge Hill members and talented individuals from nearby areas.
This talent can be Poetry, Acting, Circus/Mime arts and, quite obviously, singing.

Earlier in October I had the great pleasure of being able to work with a talented singer and guitarist named Simon, of which we did a fantastic set of songs, the first of which is here:

Simon is a very talented individual and I feel honored that he let me perform with him.
Anyway, Last night I was given the chance to perform once more for this Open Mic Night. We had a Harp/Ukulele player, many guitarists and singers, a comedy guitar duo, Poets, Simon returning on guitar as a solo act and I was given the opportunity to perform once more for everyone.
I managed to perform for everyone Michael Buble’s Cry me a River and Sweet Transvestite from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Audience were most responsive and the applause was lovely.
I can say that from a performer point of view, it was  exhilarating to be able to entertain and give joy to other peoples lives for a  few hours.
From an audience point of view I can imagine it would be a most entertaining and thrilling night, so when the next one pops up in a month or so time, I will be sure to return, and when you go to the university, I would advise not hesitating an Open Mic night, or indeed any show going on at the Art’s Centre, information for which is Everywhere in the Hub or at the Performing Arts department.
Fun for all the Family

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