Campus Developments

As with most university campuses, Edge Hill is no different in the way that it is constantly improving the facilities it can offer to students. In the past couple of years, there have been a few developments that includes accommodation for students and the central hub.

In September 2012, the university introduced 384 new en-suite rooms under the name of Chancellors Court. The accommodation is self-catered (as in, you feed yourself) with a kitchen including all the essentials and a study bedroom with a computer provided. These are all the same facilities that are also provided in Founders Court. For students beginning in September 2013, there will be more new en-suite accommodation that is currently being built next to the Creative Edge building.

Also, the university developed the central building – The Hub. The hub is a great place which has a shop as well as a canteen and Starbucks coffee shop. Upstairs the Student Union is located, as well as work areas with computers and free printing – trust me, as a student you will need free printing!!

The Arts Centre is also a new development, which includes a bistro and theatre auditoriums for those in performance arts. On the occasional night there are performances for students to watch, as well as some nights being comedy or film nights. This building is located on the left of campus which is next to Founders Court.

Also, the Biology department has been extended with a whole floor of brand new lab space, which benefits those studying human biology. These labs add to the already excellent building which has excellent ICT facilities, laboratories, prep rooms and a lecture theatre.

Finally, the most recent is Creative Edge. Some of you may have seen me talk about this before as I study Computing, but this building is also for Media, Film, Animation and Advertising. The facilities include TV studios, recording studios, sound-editing suites, a radio station, animation studios, photographic studio, multimedia laboratory and networking, forensic and computer labs. These are updated with the latest technologies and has very good equipment for use in everyday life as well as studying.

Overall, Edge Hill has made some great investments and developments with more to come – soon there will be a new sports building with a 25m swimming pool and more facilities to go with the existing gym and sports facilities. Here’s a quick video to show you the campus, but it will be interesting to see what the university looks like by the time I graduate!!

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