Programming Robots…

So last week we were introduced to the robots that we get to create in Programming using Java language and the NXT Brick – which is the ‘brick’ that controls the robot. Edge Hill is one of the few universities that teaches students how to program robots in the first years, as most other universities teach how to produce apps on a screen for a smartphone or tablet device. This project gives students a more in-depth knowledge of programming, and because it is hands-on students are usually more engaged and involved!

One of the opportunities that the uni has given us is that our robots could be presented at a science fair in Liverpool if they are partially working. I find this a great opportunity to show what I can do and what I have learned this year, as I previously had no hand-coding experience. It surprises me how much I have actually learned in what seems like not much time at all! This year really has flown by!

For any of you who are looking to study Computing or Media/Film Studies, here is a short film displaying the features of the Creative Edge building. There are a lot of good features such as the computer suites, open access lab, lecture theatre and many of the media suites. Also, lecturers have their offices all over the building and are very easy to get in touch with – most of the time I just go to my personal tutor for a chat about anything! They are all very approachable and friendly.

Below is a picture of the robot we’re currently in the process of building. Should be finished and we can start programming it soon!


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