Sports and Exercise? I’m trying!

Hey guys,

So lately I’ve been trying to get fitter and healthier, and so far it’s going pretty well! I’ve been walking into Ormskirk and done some exploring around the town centre, and I’ve also signed up to the swimming pool in the town. There is a pool on campus, which is £1.00 for those without a membership, or it is free for those with one. I also haven’t been to the gym yet – I need a buddy! The standard membership is approximately £76.00 at the moment, and it gives you access to all of the gym equipment. Hopefully I can start to play more sports like badminton, as my friend is able to book a court for any time using her membership.

Another thing that’s happened in the last week is that I’ve found myself a flat for next year when I move off campus. It’s near Morrisons, so it’s only a short walk from the university campus! It’s pretty good with all the same facilities as my current room in Founders Court, so I’m pretty happy with the outcome! I’d just urge you to look for a house sooner rather than later, because they do go pretty quickly!

This week coming is also my stress week – I won’t lie and say I’m finding this workload easy because there is a lot to hand in this week! I have two modules due on Friday, and another due next Monday, so there’s plenty to do and keep me busy! But I am looking forward to begin programming and building robots – it’s going to be complicated but so much fun! Also we get to create a website for the university as part of our web module, and a type of music video for multimedia. It will be nice to just relax after this week though! Below I’ve just added some of the programs we’ve made in Computing if you’re interested!

Just a taste of code for you who are interested!





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