A Night at the Theatre- Project XXX

Last Wednesday, wanting to take full advantage of the university’s facilities, I went to see a play at the theatre. The play was called Project XXX and was a witty but shocking portrayal of a girl’s mission to prove her sexual empowerment by filming her ‘first time’.

project xxx
Project XXX

I was really excited to see the play because one of the writers was my tutor Kim Wiltshire. I really love that I am never taught by anyone who used to be a writer, but instead all my lecturers are current writers. When my lecturers speak I know that they really know what they’re talking about and understand how the industry is currently.

After the play we moved to the bar and there was a Q&A with the writers and actors. I was very interested to hear about the writing process and how much changes from start to finish. While I was aware that a lot of research went into plays, I didn’t realise how many people that fit into the same demographic as the main cast were interviewed and surveyed in order to create a realistic portrayal. When I got home, clearly inspired, I did a complete first draft of a script for one of my modules.

The play was really enthralling and I found that the perfect balance of humour and social tragedy created a strong message that resonated and stuck in people’s minds. During the journey home my friend and I debated the failure of sex education in schools, and the fact that the play sparked such an intense debate told me that it had done its job well.

I really enjoy nights out clubbing, but having a civilised night at the theatre offered a really refreshing alternative. Also, as an Edge Hill student the tickets were only £4.

Tomorrow I am going back to theatre to see films from the 51st Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival. The screening is free and I’m excited to be shown films that I would not usually watch.

You can see what is on at the theatre HERE.

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