Break Time is Over

Well, break time is now over, and semester two has officially begun.
It has come to my attention that the post I had made for last week has disappeared.
I’m not quite sure how this as happened, or where it has gone but I’m confident I’ll find it again. Most troubling.

On the plus side, it has taught me that if it appears work is going to go awry, then you need to make sure it is saved multiple times and in many different locations.

Computers, as we all know can be unreliable. This is a given fact. So, when your doing your work at Uni always make sure to copy your work to multiple places so that way if anything goes wrong, you’ll always be in the blue.

On the plus side, as I pointed out in my missing blog, I am now 20!

I definetly feel much older now.
Although I did not celebrate it here at the University, there are many facilities for you to celebrate at.

There is a bar on site of the University, and a fast food restaurant.
Additionally, there are multiple pubs off site which are within walking distance.
Well worth any journey, or so I am told.

— Thursday Thoughts —

Hitting your head against the back of a wall is not a comforting sensation

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