The Edge Hill Campus

Yesterday was my first day back after Christmas and, whilst I have enjoyed being lazy over the break, I was glad to get back into the routine.

Because I’m a joint-honours student, half of my modules are Creative Writing based, while the other half are film related and I have my Film lectures in the Creative Edge building. Creative Edge is by far my favourite building on campus and as well as lecture halls it houses Animation, Radio and Photography studios and quite a few labs and editing suites. Although I’m not studying the practical side of Film it really feels like a Media haven to me. I’m a sucker for modern design and the whole building is really minimalistic and sleek with massive windows and a glass-box lift.

The building that I spend the most time in is definitely the Learning Innovation Centre, or ‘LINC’. The building’s full of computers so I spend most of my time here when I have essays due or if I have a big gap in between lectures and want to get my notes typed up. I find it a lot easier to concentrate when doing work in the LINC than I do at home and luckily it is open 24/7. It’s also nice to be able to pop to Starbucks for a coffee during an essay.

I have a terrible sense of direction and my biggest fear before I started at Edge Hill was getting lost around the campus. There are rectangular signs all over the place which give directions to nearby buildings and these were really helpful when I knew the general direction that I was supposed to be going in but couldn’t find the exact building. For all the times that I wasn’t even sure of which direction to head in (which was quite often in the first week) there were giant maps dotted about. I still occasionally use them when I’m looking for somewhere that I haven’t been before. I’m generally an indoor person, but EHU does have some really nice outdoor areas. The lake is lovely and always full of very vocal ducks who like to explore the campus. I know that a lot of people’s minds are made up when they see the Edge Hill campus for the first time and I don’t blame them. Edge Hill doesn’t have the biggest campus, but still manages to have all the essentials, as well as a lot of extras like shops, a bar, and a theatre. And if I can find my way around anyone can.


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