With 2013 almost over and the midway stage of my degree soon approaching I thought I’d centre this particular blog on my reflections of the last year. It seems strange to me that only a year ago I’d finished my first ever term at Edge Hill University, yet soon I will be choosing my optional modules for my third and final year. On my course you have to pick three optional modules from

  1. Work Psychology
  2. Evolutionary Psychology
  3. Psychology of Substance Misuse
  4. Clinical and Abnormal Psychology
  5. Critical Perspectives in Development
  6. Memory in the Real World
  7. Understanding Genocide: The Social Psychology of the Holocaust
  8. The Developing Memory: From Infancy to Adolescence
  9. Research Technologies and Tools
  10. Psychology in the Virtual World
  11. Applying Psychology to Lifestyle Behaviour
  12. Applied Psychopharmacology
  13. Advanced Social Psychology
  14. Mind, Brain and Behaviour: The Foundations of Psychological Explanation
  15. Forensic Psychology: Eye Witnesses and Suspects

To go alongside the three compulsory modules of

  1. Dissertation*
  2. Reflections and Future Directions
  3. Personality and Individual Differences

*-This is the big research project everyone has to do during their third year.

My optional module preferences at this moment in time are: Clinical and Abnormal Psychology and Research Technologies and Tools as both of these interest me greatly. Also the Research Technologies and Tools module will aid me in my future career plans of going into research. I am also coming up with ideas for my dissertation which I will have to submit a proposal for by the end of my second year.  For this I am wanting to research Obesity in relation to what motivates people to eat.

With that said I wish you all a happy new year and if you want to know more about the modules I have mentioned above be sure to check out the link below or comment if you have any queries you want me to answer.

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