Last Post Before 2014!

Heya guys!

So this is the last blog from me for 2013! I hope everyone has had a great year and that 2014 will be another amazing year with some great experiences! I can remember this time last year, I was receiving my offers from my university choices after submitting my UCAS application – I was talking with my friends and I can’t believe that was a whole year ago! Where did that time go?!

So much has happened this year – I started out with no offers and about to sit my exams, then suddenly receiving offers from all my choices and an interview for Edge Hill (I was terrified, but I obviously did something right!). After that, I then left my sixth form and had my prom – it was so much fun and I really enjoyed it, especially as it was the final goodbye from the school and teachers I’d gotten to know over 7 years! After that came summer, which I worked through because I’m boring, but needed the money!

I then got accepted into this university which was the happiest moment of my year by a mile! From then on, my life has changed so much and I am so happy with the way that my life has panned out – university has definitely changed for the better!

I hope all of you guys who are applying this year enjoy this year, as it will go extremely quickly! Also, don’t worry about being accepted at this point – I was so certain that I wasn’t going to get in, but I did! It’s been fantastic, so enjoy this journey and have fun!

Here’s a fun website that I found for some 2014 Quotes!

Happy New Year!!

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