Living at home can be hard. Choosing to stay at home due to convenience, even when the opportunity to move out arises, can be harder.

I had just started learning to drive when I chose to attend Edge Hill, so financially I couldn’t justify paying to live in halls when I could just drive thirty minutes each day. Well, that’s the official excuse. While money was a factor in my decision it was also very important for me to consider my flaws. I’m messy, disorganised, terrible at time-keeping, and far too easily persuaded to go on nights out when I have important things to do, so living in halls may not have been the most sensible option for me to take. On the other hand, I realise that had I moved into halls I would have become practiced at overcoming these flaws and that I would be surrounded by other people in the same boat.

My transportation to uni. Her name's Lyla!
My transportation to uni. Her name’s Lyla!

Living in halls has a lot of advantages. Meeting new people this way can be great and many people stay friends with the people that they live with in their first year of university for the rest of their lives. My favourite thing about living in halls during my failed attempt at university was the crazy stories that we came away with. There was an automatic sense of flat unity, and a playful rivalry with neighbouring flats was always fun.

Universities have many great facilities, including Student Union bars, libraries, and small theatres, so living in halls is a great way to have optimum access to these spaces. Living at home, on the other hand, is an easier way to stay fully-focused on your studies.

If somebody asked me which is better- living in halls or staying at home- I wouldn’t be able to answer. Both have their own advantages and it’s really a personal choice. Hopefully soon I’ll be ready to move out, but for now I’m comfortable having my washing done for me and a well-stocked fridge.

What you have access to at university VS what you have access to at home
What you have access to at university VS what you have access to at home


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