A New Life, A New Route… Nearly a New Year

Hello! Welcome! Konnichiwa! Salve! Hola! Hallo! Ni Hao! nunqneH! Vendui! 

…. Yeah I think that will do

So, After these many welcomes, I wish to introduce you to my very first Blog post for this prestigious University. It is my hope to keep you updated with the life and adventure of this simple, humble student and the experiences he faces in this new world that is Edge Hill University.

Of course, a little bit about myself.

I don't look at all tired in this picture...
I don’t look at all tired in this picture…

I’m from Essex, on the outskirts of Chelmsford in a little town called Witham. For years I slumbered and went about my daily tasks,
battling through school, and being a carer for my mother. At the same time, I had (and still do) to battle with Tourettes (Don’t worry, it’s just random movement, no swearing… unless I’ve  hit something during a spasm… then I swear a bit)
and dealing with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Autism.

I’m also an Actor, and spend a lot of time Cosplaying (dressing up and running around as characters from Films/TV/Books/Video Games etc) and singing, as well as Voice Acting
I’ve done a fair share of stuff

I also do Youtube…. This is my most Popular Video…

Then, I finished College. I was done. I had a full set of GCSE’s and A-Levels. So, what to do with my life. Well, University certainly seemed like an option, but surely I wanted a mini gap year first, right?

Well, I did just that but still the questions lingered: Where would I GO for university?
I looked around everywhere, then finally! I saw where I could go. Edge Hill.

250 ish miles up north seemed a lot, but after a taster week here, I was hooked.

I HAD to come HERE
So I have. It was hard to leave home, make no mistake. But right now, It’s worth it.
Every single penny.
So, I look forward to speaking more, and shall post more soon.
I will post regularly on Thursdays, so today is a one off for now!



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