First Blog Guysss!

Hi guys,

This is my first time at writing my student blog for you all to see! Hopefully this will help all of you prospective uni students to give you an insight of my time at university so far, as well as giving you an idea of university life!

I started EHU in September and it was a crazy journey to get here! I wasn’t sure that I was going to be accepted – I was studying A-Level Maths, German and ICT as well as taking the EPQ (which is the same as an AS-Level). My subjects were pretty tough – not gonna lie! However, that feeling I got on 15th August when I checked UCAS on my phone (whilst at work!) and seeing that Edge Hill had accepted my application was unbelievable! Just thinking about this makes me feel very lucky to have been accepted – which I am sure that you guys will be!

I found out about EHU when I went to a university fair to look at my prospective choices – I hadn’t heard of this university before then! After looking through the courses I fell in love with the look of the university, the whole campus, the course I wanted to study – literally everything! The first time I visited was amazing – I saw the university as we drove past and it looked even better than the pictures in the book. I then spoke to the tutors about my course and they were very friendly and welcoming, while also demonstrating areas of the course. One of the current students was showing how programming would later lead to coding robots to perform tricks or actions that were entered by a user.

As I started university, I was worried about my course. I studied ICT at sixth form, and I hadn’t covered anything like coding or programming before. I shouldn’t have worried, because the tutors made us all feel very comfortable and welcome – we started with the basics and have worked our way up quickly (but not too quick!). All of my tutors are very approachable if we have any problems – whether they are related to my course or not!

I’m so glad I picked EHU to study at, and I hope you all consider your choices very carefully – make sure your course is right, as well as the location! Good luck everyone!

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