My first blog post

I’d like to begin by welcoming all of you who are reading this to my blog. Anyway so I’m a second year psychology student at Edge Hill University and I have to say overall I love my course. I chose to do psychology because I wanted to further my growing knowledge of Psychology having studied it at A-level (which it was 2-3 years ago now!). As a subject Psychology is very diverse in its topics and areas, I have to say I find learning about abnormalities and eating behaviors the most interesting. After graduation I would like to go into research, a career possibility inspired by one of my lecturers who I volunteered for as a research assistant over summer. For this I transcribed video clips of interviews done by psychology students at the University of Lancaster on one another, and then sent them to her so she could analyse them for her research project. This was a beneficial exercise for me because not only does voluntary work look fantastic on my CV, but also because transcribing interviews is a research methods technique which is covered by my course when it comes to qualitative research. This is when the data that is gathered from a research study (like the one I assisted with) is in words rather than numbers, so typing up the video interviews allowed me to practice this technique.

Now you know a bit about what I did over summer and what course I do, I leave you with two videos. One is about my course and the other an insight into what Edge Hill University is all about. Neither are mine but they are worth a watch 🙂

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