Faye’s Blog – Reflection

I’ve been feeling really weird recently.
Now I’ve completely finished my degree I don’t have anything accede mic to do over the summer. No modules to think about and begin to research, no dissertation to write, no lectures to go to. No seminars.
I feel really out of place.
I also miss my best friend that I made! We would go to the library together and gossip for hours. We also lived together second year which was amazing! We keep texting one another but it’s not the same!
I’m settled into my new job at Next, I’m finding it okay but a bit boring! The sale is starting on Saturday so I have been working loads this week. I’m working 5pm-8.30pm tonight and I’m working tomorrow (Saturday) 5am-1pm!! I’m dreading it but I’m not working much in the week. Yay!

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