University Reflection… (Stephanie’s Blog)

This feels like the Blog I have written in a while and it is probably true as I have had a whirlwind few weeks, from finally finishing University officially, going on Holiday and then returning to celebrate Friend’s 21st Birthdays and then GETTING MY OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY RESULT.


In 13 Days I will be at the beautiful Edge Hill University Campus graduating with a 2:1 classification Degree in Advertising! I am very proud and I have had an amazing three years balancing part-time jobs, my studies, my social life and hobbies without loosing touch with any aspects of my life!

I have moved back home and am yet to unpack properly (awful I know!) but it is so different, in the past three years I have lived in halls with lots of people but an en suite and the only communal area was the kitchen, then into a four-bedroomed house with three girls and then in third year I lived in a seven-bedroomed house with five girls and one boy!

Ormskirk as a town and Edge Hill as a University, as all Universities do, has had it’s ups and downs and it has grown and developed so much since I have studied there! I have some fabulous memories which I will take with me and University has had a massive impact on the person I am today!!

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