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I’ve been keeping myself busy this week working for the student recruitment team at Edge Hill University. I’ve been working as a student guide for the duration of my time here, and it’s been a great way to earn some extra cash and develop my skills.

The university recruits current students to help out with open days, applicant visit days, school visits and higher education events. They recruit every year and advertise at freshers week and on the universities internal website. I applied in my first year as a way of earning some extra money, but I ended up getting a lot more out of it than I thought… I have developed lot’s of transferable skills, met a lot of great people and i’ve really enjoyed it  !

The student recruitment team contact all the current student guides as and when work is available and it’s up to the students to express whether or not they wish to work. The work is usually allocated on a first come, first serve basis but sometimes they may allocate work depending on experience or if the event is course specific they may use students who are studying that particular course.

The work can be extremely varied; we deliver campus tours, accommodation guides, student experience presentations, deliver workshops on how to write personal statements and how to budget, we visit schools and higher education events and also help out with administration duties such as data inputting and mailing. Although you’ll be expected to help out with open days and deliver campus tours; you can take on as little or as much work as you wish and you don’t have to do everything… if you don’t feel that you have the confidence to deliver workshops and presentations to groups of people, you don’t have to !

I have developed so many transferable skills from being a student guide…. presentation skills, communication skills, organisational skills, team working skills, confidence and lot’s of useful knowledge and experience. I would definitely recommend this job, it’s helped me cope financially whilst i’ve been at university and because of the flexibility of the role, it has not interfered to much with my studies. You can take or leave the work so if you have too much work to do you can work less hours and during the summer, you can then increase your hours and earn a bit more money. I’ll definitely miss the job when my contract ends in a couple of months but at least I can look forward to what my future career might bring !

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