Faye’s Blog – Results.

Got my results on the 27th! They were released a day early, so it was really exciting but nerve wrecking at the same time, I felt so sick!

Anyway I got a 2.2, which I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed. I really wanted a 2.1 but I don’t feel so bad about it any more because it seems like the majority of the people on my course got a 2.2!
And it was honestly so difficult! It’s always annoying when people find out you do film and they’re like it’s easy!! Which it isn’t. Plus it is a English and History degree! So there’s a lot of really tough academic stuff in there ha 🙂

But I can still start my PGCE in September so I’m really excited about doing that 🙂

I started my job at next last week, which I am really enjoying although next weeks hours are horrible! But it is only two days so I’m just going to chill out for most of that week (I’m in Friday 5pm – 8:30pm and Saturday 5am – 1pm) I am a terrible morning person so Saturday will be horrific!

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