Faye’s Blog – Induction Day & Money!

So today I had my induction day at Next! It went really well and I actually start my job tomorrow!! Excited.
Now this means I will be earning money! And I am going to try my best to save up as much of it as possible, which means using my previous budgeting tactics from uni to help me!!

Now I have finished uni I feel like I have spent the last three years of my life living off no money what so ever, so I think I am going to be good at saving up my wages.

Budgeting was a major part of university life and it is really difficult to stick too. You have to find the healthy balance of what you can afford to spend and what you need to spend.
Necessities; food, housing, house bills, phone bills, health care.
University; stationary, course material (books etc.)
Nights out; club entry, travel, alcohol, outfit.
Socialising; cinema, going out for food etc.
Luxuries; extra clothes, CD’s, DVD’s etc.

You really need to think about things you cannot live without and how much they are and then the things that you don’t really need and can live without, no matter how much you think you can’t!

If you do run into any trouble though there are services on campus that can help you out with budgeting and ‘crisis’ loans.

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