Faye’s Blog – Money, Money, Money… Where’s the Money Gone?

Something that I have struggled with throughout my 3 years at university is BUDGETING!

So a little overview:
Year 1:
Semester 1: “This is great, yay, money, I have loads…” Christmas: “I can buy awesome presents for everyone!!”
Semester 2: “Okay, try and save some money. Food, food food.” “Oh, I have no money left at all, better use my savings.”
Year 2:
Semester 1: “Right Faye, budget better this year”, “I’ve budget really well, I deserve a treat. SHOPPING SPREE!!”
Semester 2: “Oh, we have to pay our own bills this year… Okay… I have no money left.”
Year 3:
Semester 1: “Right, cheaper room this year, but less people in the house… BUDGET!”
Semester 2: “Budgeting really well, but the bills are double what they were last year :'(”

Okay, so first 2 years did not go well at all, but this year is going okay.

My Advice:
1) Set reasonable weekly expenses! (Bills, Food, Clothes, Phone, Internet, Nights Out)
2) If you don’t really need something, DON’T BUY IT! Save the money. Trust me, when you have no money in your bank it is horrible.
3) Look for the bargains, but only buy what you need!
4) Think of cheap & easy meals to cook & plan them out for the week!

I have set myself a £30 a week budget for food, but when I go shopping I try and spend less if possible & I NEVER over spend any more.


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