Charlotte’s Blog – A Very Exciting Week :)

This week has been a very exciting one with three of my best friends turning 21 and their birthday celebrations have been spread out over the past few weeks. This is a great thing when every one moves to Uni as you get a variety of nights out mine included Manchester & Liverpool and I have to say these have been the best nights out I have had in a long time!   I also received my statistics exam result back from a few weeks ago and I am very pleased to say that I managed to get a first which I was very happy about as I wasn’t too sure how the exam had gone! If these events weren’t enough to make my week I have also finished all my interviews in my placement so now I just need to start transcribing them and writing up my dissertation! So all in all I can say I have had a very exciting week hope everyone else has had a good one too & lets hope there’s plenty more weeks like these to come over the next few months!

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