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So final semester of my final year.

My modules are; Text to Screen (continued from last semsester) Japanese Cinema and Future & Contemporary Cinemas. The last two are new to this semester.

At first I was really dreading doing the Japanese Cinema module because I was never really interested in foreign films. But I am going to try my best at it and really work hard. After the first lecture last week it does seem like it is going to be really interesting and it is assessed on two essays so no exams, yay! So I am kinda looking forward to the second lecture. The only thing that I am not so excited for is the films, which sounds stupid as I am a film student. But, I watched Humanity and Paper Balloons for this week and I hated it, I found it super boring. But it does take some time to adjust to a specific type of cinema. So I am going to keep trying to enjoy it more!

The Future Cinemas module is a bit different to all the others that I have done over the 3 years at Edge Hill as it isn’t looking at particular films. Last week focused on the more business side of cinema and we discussed Conglomeration. Which was actually a lot more enjoyable and easier to understand than I first thought!

And Text to Screen is just looking at the adaptation of novels etc. in to films. The same as last semester. I’ve already chosen what I want to do my 4000 word essay on. Scott Pilgrim vs the World and the comics that it was adapted from. I am hoping that it will be a lot easier than the last essay!

I still have my dissertation to do as well. But this week I have managed to round off a huge chunk of research so hopefully I am going to be able to sit down and write my first chapter a lot easier.

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