The Final Months… (Stephanie’s Blog)

The final months are settling in here at Edge Hill; some people are stressed because of deadlines, others have no idea what they will do or where they will go without Uni! But I am working hard on all my work, making the most of the social life in Ormskirk with all my Uni Friends before we all go our separate ways. The majority of 21st Birthdays are looming too, so shopping and present buying is also keeping me sane!

I’m still working on some briefs for my portfolio including: Smirnoff, Durex, A Government Weight-loss Campaign and Umbro.

We have had to write our own briefs and it has been and will continue to be an interesting module… For Umbro we are playing on the loss of the sponsorship for the England Football Team and trying to turn it into a positive thing. Smirnoff needs a launch party for their new cocktail range and Durex needs to target students! The Government Weight-loss is also a lot of fun as we are playing on brand mascots being obese and how some simple changes can be made in order to be healthier!


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