Elisha’s blog- it’s conference time !

I’m very privileged to have been invited to 2 different conferences over the next couple of months… the NUS National Course Rep conference next month and the 57th meeting of the Ecological Genetics Group in April.

As well as volunteering to be a Course Rep, I have recently been appointed as the Department Student Rep (DSR) for Biology also. This role is similar to that of a Course Rep, but I represent the views of the entire department on FAS (Faculty of Science) quarterly Board Meetings. The NUS National Course Rep conference is an event designed for HE representatives to provide skills and development workshops, campaign ideas and networking opportunities; and sessions on personal development, partnership, campaigns, ┬ásystems and policy making are provided. It’s a great opportunity for students to get involved with NUS activities and I am very much looking forward to it… hopefully i’ll gain some extra skills that I can use within my DSR role !

NUS National Course Rep Conference link

Based on the recommendation from my Dissertation Supervisor and Department Head of Biology; i’ll also be attending the 57th meeting of the Ecological Genetics Group in Belfast. The Ecological Genetics Group is a special interest group of the British Ecological Society and the Genetics Society who meet annually and provide a forum for scientists working in population genetics and evolutionary ecology. I plan to present a poster based on the results of my Dissertation research on self- incompatibility in ruderal species. The scientific programme also includes a keynote speaker, student presentations, discussion topic and a field trip. Again; I think this will be a great way to gain some extra skills and also expand my knowledge of the subject… I just hope my poster is well received !

Ecological Genetics Group link



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