Faye’s Blog – 1 Down Many More to Go.

Okay so back in Ormskirk, battled against the snow and managed to survive through my first lecture! Just need to make it through the rest now!!

In all honesty after my first lecture back, I felt dead and ready for another four weeks off! It was truly horrible, hard work, confusing! But then the seminar after it went a hell of a lot better and I feel as if I managed to get my head around the lecture stuff. Thank goodness!!

So first lecture complete and lots more to go. And I am determined to be organised and not rushing work at the last minute.

I have decided what I am writing my next 4000 word essay on and final essay for my Text to Screen module. I am going to focus on Graphic Novels and Comic Books, so I have picked Scott Pilgrim vs the World. A) Because I loved the film! and B) I’m pretty interested in looking at the books. Also want to be a bit different, don’t think anyone else will think to do that!!

Today I have been buying my books for my Japanese cinema module, that I really am not looking forward to doing at all, but we get to watch the original Ring, which has been sat on my shelf for over 2 years waiting to be watched; I’ve just been too scared to though!! And Battle Royale which I have been wanting to see for a while!

Tomorrow I have my first Japanese cinema lecture and then after that I am spending the afternoon doing my dissertation in the library, because I need to get more of it done!

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