Alex’s Blog – Pedawhat???

Yesterday we were introduced to one of our new modules for the second semester of our final year.. Pedagogy. To put it simply, it is known as the art and science of education. I hadn’t heard of the term too much before and found myself, at times, completely confused as to what this term meant and how it related to my teaching development.

BUT as the lecture continued and especially once the discussions began in the seminar, I started to see how influential this module could be to my teaching philosophy and, although it may contain some pretty big words. the module looks like it is going to be very interesting!

This module includes a 2000 word assignment and part-seen exam which, when added with the practical teaching assignment and dissertation to complete, means I have a lot of work to do. Good news though, my dissertation is going well with all my research and transcripts already done whilst I was in Ghana, now far the hard part.. the analysis.

Even though I have a fair bit of work to do, I know I don’t have too long left at Edge Hill and I think I’d probably rather be studying than searching for a job right now!

Alex 🙂

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